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The TKO Office Fitouts' space and cost calculator is a useful tool to give you an indicative floor area and cost for the fitout of your new offices. It is not a substitute for contacting TKO Office Fitouts and requesting an accurate size and price based upon your specific vision and requirements.

Space Planning

Insert the required quantities in the green boxes:

Item Quantity Area Area
Reception 10
Waiting Area 10
Office – Single 7
Office – Double 12
Office – Executive 20
Hot Desk 2
Workstation 4
Meeting Room – 4 personnel 10
Meeting Room – 6 personnel 15
Boardroom – 10 personnel 25
Conference/Boardroom – 20 personnel 50
Break Out Area/Kitchen 10
Bathrooms 10
Storage Room 10
Server / IT Room 6
Sub Total  
Plus circulation (corridors etc 30%)
Total Area  


  • In accordance with Australia Standards a minimum of 10 m2 per occupant is required for all offices (the average is 15 m2 per occupant).
  • Medical and Dental Fitouts are typically more expensive per square metre.
  • The calculation cannot allow for the shape of the available space and whether each area will fit neatly into this available space.

Cost Calculator

Please choose your level of fitout:


The indicative floor area of your fitout is:

The indicative cost of your planned fitout is:

For an overview of considerations for the selection of your new commercial property please see our Property Selection Guide.

Feel free to contact one of our Project Managers on (08) 9347 1800 to discuss your requirements and to get a detailed design and quote.

*This calculator is provided for general information only; all plans and any pricing should be confirmed with a TKO Office Fitouts’ Project Manager before including in your budget plan or placing an order.